pharmacy vending machine

The perfect solution for free standing installation inside your pharmacy or in any high traffic locations

Pharmaself24 Internal is an automatic dispenser designed to be installed inside your pharmacy or at any high traffic location. The special structure of the machine allows you to install it at any wall also between racks. As both the loading and the pick-up of products are located at the front side, you don’t need extra space on the side or at the back of the dispenser: any operation can be done at the front side.

A user friendly 24’ touch screen allows patient to have an easy access at his prescription; moreover, the big screen is a perfect solution for any kind of communication and advertising.

You can easily customize Pharmaself24 Internal with your pharmacy brand and colour.

Pharmaself24 is available in 2 different size: MULTI has a storage capacity of 175 items and ENTRY has a storage capacity of 84.