medicines vending machine

Can be installed through a window or a wall on your pharmacy or at any other convenient location in your community

Pharmaself24 External is an automatic dispenser designed to be installed through the window of your pharmacy or at any convenient location you may have in your community.

The front panel is the result of the cooperation between Videosystem and an important Italian Designer: Syntesis Design. At the front panel patient can find a user-friendly touch screen and the payment systems patient needs for collecting his prescription.

For making possible the installation in any pharmacy the Pharmaself24 External can have a 50% smaller storage or a L-Shape storage. The loading station is at the back side of the unit: a user friendly 15 in. touch screen and bar code scanner allow pharmacist easy and time-saving operations.

The front panel is available in 3 different colors (i.e. green, blue and white): other colors are available on demand. A tailor-made frame allows you to install the unit through any window or wall.