PHARMASELF24 - New features for the pharmacy of the future

PHARMASELF24 - New features for the pharmacy of the future

Posted Nov 21, 2019 by Enrico Donà, sales manager
During the last KNMP Congress in Utrecht VIDEOSYSTEM together with Pharma Robots presented the latest features developed for the most popular Automatic Dispenser for the collection of prescription: PHARMASELF24. In Holland the pharmacy is living one of the most important and challenging moment in the last 25 years. The pharmacy has been required to provide higher and higher quality in service to patient improving the efficiency and reducing costs. It is clearly a tough challenge that pharmacy can win only implementing the latest technology and the most modern hardware and software solution. PHARMASELF24 wants to play a key role in this challenge and wants to provide a significant support to the pharmacy. The delivery of a prescription is a complicated process where many parts are involved and were the robotic can really help the pharmacist in his daily job. PHARMASELF24 is solution capable to perfectly matching the convenience of the patient and the efficiency of the dispensing process in the pharmacy.

In Holland over 300 pharmacy already did choose PHARMASELF24 as it is a unique “queue-buster”, because it clearly allows pharmacies to achieve efficiency in the dispensing process, because it did free up time to the team so they can have more time for high value job as patient’s counselling and consulting.

Starting from this positive experience PHARMASELF24 is more and more involved in the creation of the concept “Pharmacy of the Future”. The “Pharmacy of the Future” is clearly a concept where service to patient has to be improved, where the pharmacist is more and more focused in providing direct support to patient and where the technology helps to reach higher level of efficiency and patients care. In other words, the pharmacist needs more time for providing the support and the consulting the patient needs and the basic operations as delivering medicines will be performed by advanced automatic solutions.

In this respect PHARMASELF24 did one more step ahead: for reducing the job related to the dispensing of the medicines, PHARMASELF24 is now equipped with a new FAST LOADING SYSTEM. The FAST LOADING SYSTEM is connected with pharmacy PMR and allows pharmacist to load in the machine the parcel for a patient in just a few seconds and just by scanning parcel barcode and the barcode in the storage slot. In just a few minutes PHARMACIST can load dozens of prescriptions that become immediately available for patients. It is clear that a pharmacy organized with such a technology is a completely different pharmacy: it is a pharmacy where pharmacy can provide an excellent 24/7 collection service to patients and where pharmacist did free up a significant amount of time to be dedicated to high value jobs. As for our experience we calculated that each prescription dispensed by PHARMASELF24 can free up to 3 minutes of labor time. In Holland some of our PHARMASELF24 are dispensing more than 100 prescriptions a day.

PHARMASELF24 is a real and concrete answer to actual pharmacy’s challenges: better service and higher efficiency.
Published by Enrico Donà, sales manager

Export Sales Manager in Videosystem, company that develop and builds the Pharmaself24, Europe’s leading 24-hour automated collection point, increasingly popular in north European countries thanks to its innovative technology.