Why Pharmaself24?

Pharmaself24 provides an effective way to improve the prescription dispensing process in the pharmacy with an innovative system that is extremely easy to install and simple to use.
Pharmaself24 frees up staff time and increases safety in the pharmacy by reducing queues and contacts between staff and patients: patient can collect his/her prescriptions 24/7 and in total privacy. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information.

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How it works

For your pharmacy business

Set up your prescription collection point or your "click and collect" operation with Pharmaself24 in four easy steps:


the barcode on the bagged prescription or the product.


the product into the Pharmaself24


notifies patients to pick up the order


deliver 24/7 orders and prescriptions

How it works

For your patients

Patients will be able to obtain their medicines safely and without any unnecessary waiting time:

Patient visit his own doctor to get a prescription

Pharmacist gets the prescription and put the medicines into a bag

Pharmacist loads the bag into the Pharmaself24

Patient receives a notification via app, email or text message that his/her medicines are ready for collection.

Patient easely and safely collects the prescription 24/7 from the Pharmaself24


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Feel free to contact us for any information or request about Pharmaself24. We will reply as soon as possible.