Pharmaself24 automatic dispenser for prescription in your pharmacy

Automatic dispenser for prescription
Automatic dispenser for prescription

An efficient prescription dispensing process

Frees pharmacists and their staff to focus on counselling and consulting by making the dispensing process more efficient

Automatic RX collection

No more waiting time in line

Drive customer loyalty by removing the need to wait for prescriptions. Patients can now conveniently collect their medicines or online orders 24/7 from the Pharmaself24.

Prescription pick-up
Pharmacy vending machines
pharmacy automatic dispenser

Guaranteed patient satisfaction

Drive customer loyalty by giving patients the freedom to collect their medicines when it’s convenient for them with a six-digit pin sent by email or text.

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How one pharmacist used a Pharmaself24 automatic dispenser for prescription to add 4,000 items per month

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Five years ago, Ryszard Cygan’s business – West Elloe Pharmacy in Spalding, Lincolnshire – was under threat. A 100-hour pharmacy was opening close by and his pro ts were going to take a hit. Already a keen user of automation with two dispensing robots in his pharmacy, he was introduced to the Pharmaself24 automatic dispenser for prescription and hit upon the idea of using it as an extension to his dispensing service, allowing his customers to collect their dispensed prescriptions conveniently and easily 24/7.

He put together a marketing plan and started promoting the Pharmaself24 to his local community, and also made the Pharmaself24 an integral part of his pharmacy’s repeat dispensing service.

The initial interest led to the Pharmaself24 bringing in an extra 2,000 items per month, which has now grown to 4,000 items each month. The 100-hour pharmacy closed shortly after it opened and Ryszard is now installing a second Pharmaself24 automatic dispenser for prescription to cope with demand! Add up those monthly dispensing fees and the purchase pro t on those items, and you can see just how quickly your investment can payback.

Ryszard also found that the patients who use the Pharmaself24, generally stay using it, and so the technology has been extremely effective at retaining patients. And with the 40-49 and 50-59 age groups being the largest users of the Pharmaself24, it’s a great way to recruit your next generation of patients with potential long term conditions.