A way to innovate

Free-up time to the Pharmacist and the Patient

together with privacy and safety through social distancing

In order to face changes, pharmacists are more and more demanded to provide expanded services  and patient-oriented activities: Pharmaself24 is crucially important to ensure quality and efficency in the process of prescription dispensing.

Pharmaself24 robot enables benefits and deliver efficiency restlessly.

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For your Pharmacy

The Pharmaself24 can interface with any pharmacy management software, track and trace and central filling system.

automation helps pharmacy reducing human interaction, keeping safe patients and pharmacy staff.

Pharmacy staff can channel resources and time for valuable services and not only dispensing

The modular storage configuration can handle packages up to 250mm x 140mm x 275mm.

Pharmaself24 can also store products for sale (i.e. OTC or sanitary products).

Pharmaself24 is an automatic dispenser for the pick-up of prescriptions designed to be installed through the pharmacy window or inside clinics, or any other high traffic locations. It can be easily customized with pharmacy brand and colours.


For your Community

Convenient and fast prescription collection: 24/7   The fast and efficient robotic system can deliver products to patients in a matter of seconds. No more painful queue and wasted time

Automation helps reducing human interaction keeping safe patients and pharmacy staff.

Simple process PIN number is texted to patient who enters it at the Pharmaself24 touchscreen. Pin-code can be notified to patient via APP: P24 is available to patients on Google Play and Apple Store.

Privacy and discretion: Privacy and discretion both play a huge role in a general business and when it comes to medical, we are even more careful about it. Pharmaself24 robot allows patients to safely pick up their own prescription at any time, all year around.

The Pharmaself24 is also the perfect ‘pick-up and pay’ solution for automatic collection of pharmacy’s internet orders. PS24 is an e-commerce ready where patients are able to order from the pharmacy website and pay and collect from the Pharmaself24 robot.

Pharmaself24 allows Patient to pay by cash or credit/debit card, up to six different coins. It can also give change.

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