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How to protect your staff and your patients also during the Corona Virus pandemic

We don’t normally think about all the ways we are interconnected throughout the day until we are asked to avoid people. Social distancing involves avoiding large gatherings. But how many people is too many to be a threat? Is it just events and mass gatherings you need to avoid? If you have to be around people, keep 6 feet between you when possible. READ MORE

Set up your automated prescription collection point or your ‘click and collect’ operation with Pharmaself24 pharmacy automatic dispensers in five easy steps:

Scan the barcode on the bagged prescription or the product.

Place the product into the Pharmaself24.

Prescription pick-up

Pharmaself24 does the rest of the work

pharmacy vending machines

Pharmaself24 notifies patients to pick up the order.

pharmacy automatic dispensers

If required, the Pharmaself24 will accept any payments due.

Pharmaself24 deliver 24/7 orders and prescriptions

Meanwhile, pharmacists are freed to focus
on delivering patient care and health services

drugs automatic dispensers

The state-of-the-art system for setting up

an automated 24 hour prescription collection point.

Pharmaself24 is the next-generation tech solution that benefits pharmacists and patients alike. Businesses can free up valuable staff resources and patients value the increased convenience and accessibility by being able to collect their orders and prescriptions 24/7

Pharmaself24 EXTERNAL

medicine automatic dispensers

Pharmacy automatic dispensers designed to be installed through the window of your pharmacy or at any convenient location in your community.

Pharmaself24 INTERNAL

pharmacy kiosks

An automatic dispenser designed to be installed inside clinics, pharmacies, or other high traffic locations. It can be easily customised with your brand and colours.

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An efficient prescription

dispensing process

drugs vending machines

Social distancing

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Guaranteed patient

satisfaction and loyalty

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