Resource optimization

An efficient prescription dispensing process

The Pharmaself24 allows pharmacy to efficiently dispense prescriptions, frees up staff time and improves service to patients.

24 Hour Service

No more waiting time in a line

Patients can conveniently collect their medicines or online orders 24/7 from the Pharmaself24. Improving service to patients Pharmaself24 drives customer loyalty.

Simple and safe

Guaranteed patient satisfaction

The Pharmaself24 is extremely fast and easy to use: patient just enters a six-digit pin code and in a few seconds he can collect his medicines.

The state-of-the-art automated 24/7 prescription collection point.

Enhance dispensing and safety with Pharmaself24 and transform your pharmacy in a sustainable and safe business: watch the video and discover how Pharmaself24, an automated 24/7 prescription collection point  works and how it could benefit your pharmacy and your patients.

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Here at Pharmaself24 we are very interested in issues and trends regarding the world of pharmacy and health in general. Here some articles from our blog.

Prescription home delivery: a service to patient or a challenge for pharmacy?
Prescription home delivery: a service to patient or a challenge for pharmacy?
May 19, 2020

In  the late ‘90s a pharmacy in Lincolnshire started the first organized prescription home delivery service: a driver with his...

How protecting pharmacy  staff
How protecting pharmacy staff
Apr 15, 2020

In Italy already 8 pharmacists died because of COVID-19. Technology can help facing such a terrible threat: Let's protect our...

Social Distancing in the pharmacy
Social Distancing in the pharmacy
Mar 19, 2020

How to protect your staff and your patients in COVID-19 age

We don’t normally think about all the ways we are...

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